The Agnostic Presciption by Mfundo Mthethwa
Eric SamHill

* And moving forward with tools such as “relativity”… might not be enough to truly understand the magnitude and impermanance of God.

Which is what I was attempting to do here Mfundo, to try and create (as crazy as it may sound) a completely unique and unattached perspective from which we can try see the world: This one, and whatever else might be greater than it.

The problem with that, as you subtly mentioned; is that to explain even an inkling of what you believe to be completely unique, you STILL must use words and frameworks which currently exist in our form of existence. Which is why all this was muddled up with attempts at Relativity, Quantum Physics and Religion - all as dialects to try and explain something I did not quite know how to explain.

Which is why, also, I am more than willing to accept the notion that I am not sure of what I speak of. Because I’m not sure the tools we have suffice to properly contextualise what I may believe is actually going on here. With you, with me, with this whole dance which is life.

PS: The problem is, without using existing tools, had I explained all of this using a “New” and unrecognisable language, void of current frameworks, who would even listen? Or try to understand?

It would be gibberish. The sayings of a mad man.

So hence we find ourselves, in this great conundrum of understanding and perception. A mere questioning of what sort of conscious upgrade is required of us in this world in order to fully realise our potential.

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