Push notifications is one of the most essential implementations for any mobile app project. It is simple but simple things can sometimes turn out to be a huge issue. We use different push notification services for our projects. However, as part of our backendless webhook implementation, we used Firebase. Therefore, we wanted to explain how to configure Firebase push notification to your project.

Handling certificates is sometimes too confusing. Thanks to M. Kerem Keskin, we did not face any issue in this part. He managed the certificates for us and helped us for an easy learning process.

Configure APNs Certificates

In this article, we will explain how to create a Firebase function and use it as a callback url. This function will serve as a backend service, when it is triggered, it will interpret incoming post data and accordingly will send a push notification to a specific user.


  • Firebase Push Notification service should be configured for your project. (If you need help with this subject you can have a look at this article)
  • Firebase Realtime Database should be configured for your project.
  • Upgrading our Firebase app to Blaze plan

In order to use Firebase Functions, Google tells us that we…

Musa Kökçen

iOS Developer @plusminusone

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