Why to have a Mentor

I have a mentor named Bhai Farhat. He is 2 years senior from me. I met him when I was in my first year of university. It’s really difficult to switch from conventional FSc board studies to university semester system. I came to him. He shared all his experienced and advises me all the semester. I took his advice carefully and acted upon. The result was I came first in my class with 95% gpa. I really thanked him because it was all due to his guidance, I couldn’t even think that I can get excellent grades while competing with FSc board toppers.

First thing required while taking help from mentor is that you should always take him equal to you and think that he is really helping you out. If you don’t have humility, you don’t give him respect, he’ll run away from you. So, if you don’t have a mentor, go and found one. You’ll get a lot of them. I have a bunch of mentors related to almost everything I do.