it was not her fault anyway

everytime she tried they sent her away

like a dog cast in dismay

she cried and begged for life`s judgement this day

she was broken and alone

her friends who rejected and despised her

her parents who mocked her as a failure

where would she go in her life of misuse

if God was`nt for me and i am a reject

if he dropped me here as a puppet cloned as a machet

would that not be a wicked project

to misuse my concept of defect

but everytime God looked at her he saw good

a good God saw to make her the best

build her life to live like a princess

but she never recognised this until her mum died

the woman whom she hated now she loved

the woman who mocked her now sitting in the grave

there was still love after all there was still a

connection to this world of illusion

that was when her eyes opened to the realities of this world

which she now possesed

impressed by how she recovered she progressed

a progression of a new light and hope never given

a progression of an open door never discovered

that was when God burst in and showed her

who he is, who he was and why she suffered

“i did it for you” he said “to save you from friends of doom”

“i always loved you but you never knew but my love is not always human”

he confessed

deep in her tears she revived back to live

a new life which she never experienced

for you out there looking for light

and depressed it´s just a matter

of time before God shows up

give you hope of a better tomorrow

don´t give up just stay connected to his word

cause from his word comes his love.