Future is Smart Clothes

When we watch movies about our future we are particularly interested in various details of routine life there: how hygiene of the future is described, nutrition, sleeping habits, questions of well-being and of course what technologies are used to ensure it. Here they are:

  • 3D printed clothes or even spare bodies parts,
  • weapon clothes: built-in power supplies, protection against aggressive environments,
  • clothing assistant with built-in sensors and wearable computers,
  • clothing that is for fun and style.

Such details in movies give a feeling of the near future. It is very different from our period of time where technologies are more…

Recently one member of our team has created YouTube profile for her son via a mobile phone and the and the app automatically substituted the correct child’s name — Yar. Yar has zero profiles on social media.
Therefore it was an amazing story for all of us. Smart phones, smart TVs, smart fridges see us as a users and offer services anticipating our needs. It’s still not usually.

Even more unusual — smart clothes and wearable devices. Today anyone has the opportunity to choose among more than 40 brands of wearable technology (based on Smart Muscle Suit team members research…


Ultimate #techwear startup to keep your #muscles free of any #imbalances.

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