Muscle Testing- A Different Approach to Diseases

All of us fall ill many times in our whole life because of numerous reasons. No matter what these reasons are but there are medicines to cure our diseases. But there are certain diseases that are not cured fully by medicines. At that point of time people take other ways to get rid of the disease. There are many ways such as therapy, massage, meditation, etc. Well the matter is not that what are these disease but what are the ways to heal it. According to some belief it is said that every organ in our body is connected to some or the other muscle and the strength and weakness of the muscle indicates the health of the organ. If the muscle is weak then the organ will be weak and vice-versa. To cure the ailment a very interesting yet effective way has been discovered and is being used. It is called muscle testing.

What is muscle testing?

In simple words, muscle testing is a way through which certain diseases can be diagnosed and treated. It is also known as applied kinesiology. The diagnosis is done by testing the muscle strength and then getting a final result. It is believed that strong muscles lead to healthy organs and weak muscles lead to unhealthy or weak organs. So after testing, if a muscle is found weak then treatment will be provided accordingly. The treatment includes different food supplements, special diets, therapy, acupressure, and spinal manipulation. You can also consider it as an alternative to regular, high dose medicines. It is a way of healing people but in a different way where medicine or surgery is not done, instead of that energy transfer and other therapeutic ways is used.

How muscle testing is done?

Doing muscle testing is not any rocket science but yes it needs to be learned before trying with others. Once you learn to test the muscles it will be very easy for you to do. A step-by-step guide to muscle testing:

  1. Locate the correct muscle to be tested.
  2. Follow the listed methods and get an answer to your problem.
  3. You have to hold your non dominating arm in front of you parallel to your chest and if the arm remains stationary then the answer is yes and if it moves away then the answer is no.
  4. Likewise there are many more testing methods such as making an okay sign and breaking it. If the okay sign breaks easily then the answer is no and if it does not break easily then the answer is yes.
  5. Finger response-Lay your non-dominant arm on the table and check which finger moves. If the index finger moves then the answer is yes and if the thumb moves then the answer is no.
  6. Apply pressure to your fingers by making an okay sign. If the sign collapse then the answer is no and if it stays firm then the answer is yes.

There a many such techniques in muscle testing that can be used to test the muscle strength and after reaching to the conclusion, you can go for further treatment.

The treatment includes therapy, acupressure, acupuncture, supplements, diets, etc. With the help of these treatments it will be simple to treat the disease instead of having lots and lots of medicines and painful surgeries. The best thing about these treatments is that you will get inner strength and happiness once you undergo them since they channelize positive energy to the body. Meditation is also a part of the treatment. If your mind is hale and hearty then your body will also be healthy.