To New Horizons

After having barely made it through UK border control, I finally graduated with my lovely Biochemistry degree. I must say that our graduation ceremony at Royal Holloway is much nicer than some of our (cough Notts cough) competitors. I even got to swing Lay-Zs mace!

Boris, but with extra authority

Because I am super proud of my work (that got done with no small help from Dr Chen and Prof Jansen) you can of course find my research project and undergraduate dissertation to read somewhere on my linkedin.

Now I will be going back to my only-somewhat secret work at Knomics in the Skolkovo research park. If you’re a Knomics (wo)man and currently reading this, sorry about the graduation holiday of sorts. I assure you it was mostly composed of packing boxes, interspersed with only occasional celebration. Hopefully the fine pleasure of my company will be able to more than make up for the absence come tomorrow.

Of course I already spent an entire week at the company and I suppose I did promise to let people know what’s going on. It took a little while for my biochemistry brain to figure out exactly what we’re doing on the computer but the gist is: mass spectrometry quality control. That’s right, we’re making the software that judges your data. This is no easy task as there is much data, many proprietary and often barely documented data formats, and a great many variables to keep track of — something a mere intern can barely manage in two months, although our team is made of probably some of the coolest people in Russia, and I am sure we will be able to get something good working together, maybe even publish it as a python package!

As you can imagine this is a very large learning experience for me, but that’s exactly the sort of pain I am looking for, and furthermore it’s a great jumpstart into my bioinformatics masters at KU Leuven I’m starting this September. I firmly believe the future of biology lies in our ability to tame the computer.

On a final note, thanks to all the people that made my degree such a great experience. You know who you are and you made all the border stuff, the paperwork, the writing and the long, long library sessions worth it.