Us, not them
Black Lives UU

I spent a month once writing under an English male pseudonym. I felt my heart crack with the experiment. Suddenly things I had been saying for years were heard. The problem wasn’t that I hadn’t been saying anything worth hearing. The problem was I was born with a vagina.

I thought hard about whether I should continue with the pseudonym, because I felt so strongly about the ideas. Then I thought, to a certain extent I am my ideas. I am speaking about treating people justly and if I cannot be justly heard, then that speaks of how deep the problem is.

I dislike the “like” and “clap” buttons. It continues the oppression of ensuring only those who are listened to are further listened to. People wait for others to tell them what’s worth spending their time on, rather than deciding for themselves whether an article reflects life-affirming values. Intelligently cooperating to create a just and compassionate world is light years away from being more simpleminded than sheep.

I have decided to be significantly more generous with my “claps” for those articles I believe should be heard. If a big number is more likely to get people to pay attention, then I will do what I can to make sure that big number happens between claps and sharing articles on other media.

This article is important. We will not have a just world until everyone has access to justice. No one is safe when it is acceptable to mistreat anyone. I send you my love.

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