Is America Worth Saving?
Jody Allard

Is The World Worth Saving?

I left the United States in 1989 after finishing a university degree, because I felt the country was so mired in oppression that it wasn’t worth my time. I saw close up how compassion was being crushed, as the lower middle classes were forced into poverty and hardly anyone was left who genuinely cared for the well-being of the less fortunate.

The sad thing is the rest of the world has been following the US’s “lead” in exploitation and skewed values. American myths pour from people’s television sets and movie screens everywhere and poison people’s minds. Positive portrayals of destructive lifestyles are not neutral events. A steady diet of such portrayals has a seductive impact on young minds that have not had the time to learn the skills to discern what is and is not good for them and their future.

At this point we can neither give up on the US nor any other country. The stakes are far too high. We need a collective effort to avert the worst of our coming environmental disasters.

My suggestions:

Hold more public events whose purpose is to help people humanise each other. With this humanisation we must strengthen our desire to enact pro-social behaviour.

Visibly and collectively do things to repair the environment and repair human relations. Regularly make statements about how you are doing this because you care and want to leave the world a more liveable place for our children.

Find ways to celebrate values that help us all to grow into kinder more compassionate human beings. Have a festival of kindness and make it extra fun!

Form groups who discuss ways that we could improve on our political system. Think about how voting could be made fairer. Consider what a new constitution would look like. Trial your ideas in your local communities.

Become more supportive of the United Nations. Our problems are bigger than just one country. Environmental disasters in one country reverberate around the entire globe. We must start reaching out to one another, respecting one another, and cooperating with one another.

This world is so beautiful. And even though horrible people exist, so do people with hearts that shine like the sun. What we want is to nurture the sunlight until the darkness recedes. This will take courage. Surprisingly perhaps, it will also take joy. Love of this world will fill our hearts with joy when we know what we are doing is right.

Stand tall, stand strong, face the darkness, and smile.

In peace and kindness,