I am so glad you included a few rules here.
Dr Katherine Phelps

Positions of power attract people whose sole interest are positions of power. They will use whatever system is given to them, whatever niche is available, in order to manipulate those around them and their society.

Great Britain’s government successfully shared food to its people during The Blitz. Australia has successfully had socialised medicine for a long time. The Scandinavian countries are listed as the world’s richest countries, happiest countries, and are highly socialised. The US has successfully had socialised primary and secondary schools for a long time.

The Earth is a limited resource and we have to learn how to share and to cooperate. When people can blame the government for things in a democratic society, then they need to take a hard look at themselves and why they voted for the sort of people who would do blame-worthy things. What is our culture’s priorities? What is its values? What do the people of our culture feel they need out of life?

My values (whether I’m always good at following through on them or not) are about supporting kindness, compassion, the life-affirming and the pro-social. We do our best to love our families and friends; we do our best to show goodwill toward the rest of humanity; and we show good stewardship toward this living world we have been given.

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