We Don’t Need An Economy (srsly)

Occupy 28 September 2011 by David Shankbone

We need universal social security as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We need democratic, equitable, and sustainable distribution of goods and services.

We don’t actually need either money or financial institutions. These have been used to concentrate power into a few hands, then manipulate humanity through their desperation for status and survival.

Think for a moment at the sheer magnitude of what Google is doing to help people dig through millions upon millions of pieces of information while selling them things. We now have the computing capacity to simply move goods and services around to where they are needed. We can walk around those armored plated knights who take over a bridge and demand money for passage.

The Earth is not a limitless resource. Economies rely on growth, and for humanity to continue this trend now is to behave like an aggressive cancer. It’s not necessary and it is destructive.

Let’s put an end to “the economy”.

In love and kindness,


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