What The Future Holds

These predictions have been made elsewhere. I am putting these in one place in order to gain some clarity and insight. With insight I am counting on people making better choices. Do I believe this chain of events can be averted…you betcha! The questions are when and how much.

We have more disastrous climate events on the way.
> Certain sources of food and manufacture will become unavailable.
> We will see more and more refugees turning up on the shores of wealthier, “safer” nations.
> Less of the Earth will be habitable or arable.

Many paid jobs will become a thing of the past.
> Robotization will continue to deplete the world of paid jobs: from driving vehicles to warehouse management, to clerical jobs, to even various professional positions and more. 
> Robotization is continuing the trend of concentrating wealth into the hands of a few.
> As this heightens the poverty crisis, the wealthy will continue to push the solution that giving them more money will give them more opportunity to create jobs — as if they weren’t the ones finding ways to eliminate jobs.
> The wealthy will continue to insist that government does not create jobs in order to force people to pay big business for essential services, force the government to purchase big business services, and finally to hold the reins of power.
> As everyone has less money, everyone will spend less, and people will feel it is logical to pay employees less because “we all have to tighten our belts”.
> This will simply become more true: a regular job does not equal a living wage.
> Big business will begin to politically support Universal Basic Income because they are losing sales. Bigger and biggest business are happy to see merely big business burn and their profits being re-directed to themselves. Look out bigger business! You are next.

The world will become more conservative as people shore up their positions.
> Out of fear many people will take up the postion: my needs first at all costs.
> Many wealthy white men will use their power to make sure they are always safe and comfortable regardless of the consequences to the rest of the world.
> Many white people will justify maintaining skewed “meritocracies” and shutting out refugees to protect their privileged positions. They will fight tooth and nail to protect the beautiful dream in which they are living, no matter how exploitive or disconnected from reality it is. As long as they don’t see the slavery, they don’t have to feel culpable for benefitting from slavery. As long as they don’t believe in climate change, they don’t have to take responsibility for it.
> Many men from many cultures, ethnicities, classes will tighten their grip on what women are “allowed” to do and not do. Women will be seen as their one clear possession in the world, one clear source of free work, one clear place where they can feel powerful and in control, one sure conduit to immortality through male progeny.
> Many powerful women will lock out other women from opportunities in order to protect their own positions. Many women married to men of status will protect a sexist culture, so long as they are safe and hold status. Women of middle classes will stay in varying degrees of abusive marriages because their choice is between that or poverty, and if they have children — entrenching their children in poverty as well. 
> Many older people will put a vice-like grip onto any power they have, blaming the young for the world’s problems. This will cause organisations to crumble as new generations have no interest in volunteering to be lackeys to the older generations. As the generational divide festers we will finally start to see more revolutionary behavior from our young.
> Since status equals security in our culture anyone who is different in any definable way will be a target for fear and domination. This can be based on the having of religion, not having religion, having the wrong religion, not having a “standard” gender, being of a different ethnicity, having new and different ideas, not having the right accent, living on the “wrong” side of town, having just moved into the area, being the wrong age or wrong ability, etc, etc, etc.
> The vulnerable will largely be forgotten because people no longer feel capable of caring for anyone but themselves.
> Solutions and opportunities will be lost as our society fragments itself.

War will seem like a solution.
> The numbers and needs of refugees will make it seem like the answer is to revolt against those who are withholding life-essentials.
> Poor white people who have been raised with a sense of entitlement will feel surrounded and outnumbered by the many other people in need and will want to take matters into their own hands.
> The young will see that the system is rigged against them and that older generations have made access to a living future impenetrable. Society will lose its power to pacify the young. What actions the young will take is anyone’s guess.
> As discontent surges the powerful will start courting war as a way to distract people from their wrong-doing. It will also be seen as a convenient way to eliminate difficult populations while making a tidy profit by investing in the military industrial complex.
> Many people are so angry and so frustrated with current affairs a war would be seen as a way to vent that frustration, get some revenge, and feel like heroes. If the path of war is followed, they will find none of that relief. Rather, they will destroy their own families and their own lives.
> War will further damage the world environment and make the planet even less habitable.

We certainly can’t fix all these predictions, because we have already gone some way in the damage we have created. Three things are clear: we must divest ourselves of a culture of dominance, we must learn how to come together and address our collective needs, we must tend to the needs of our living environment.

In peace and kindess,


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