Flower Message — I am Safe to Express my Truth


Topic: I am safe to express myself

My journey with this week’s Museflower:

This is the first time that I’m writing a flower message and I hope to continue to share the flower messages on a bi-weekly basis. This would require me to sit by the flowers and meditate with them (which is one exercise I share in the Introduction to Flower Essences class).

To be honest, I was afraid that I would look ‘crazy’ if I did that here. I snapped a few photos of the flower on my phone, and was thinking if I could write the message just by looking at those photos. Of course it didn’t work, because being with the flower physically is a much more powerful experience than just staring at the photo. I kept thinking that I should go take my camera and notebook and go to the flower. So I did.

After a few steps out from my house, something caught my eye — a white bird feather on the side of the road. Okay, now I know — to me it is a sign from the angels to let me know I am in the right direction and that I am safe to do what I need to do.

On the way to the flower, I was thinking to myself, if I were a guest staying here I wouldn’t be as self-conscious. I mean, I’m the boss now, shouldn’t I also not be so self-conscious? Right…

Well, I was still a bit self-conscious. A part of me still felt a bit weird with people nearby. I was the unbalanced Big Red Soloist who got distracted, and was afraid to look ‘crazy’.

But Big Red Soloist gave me courage. The first message she told me was “Come near me, I won’t bite.” She gently and humbly shared her topic and reminded me that “I am safe to shine, I am safe to be beautiful, I am safe to speak the truth.”

Unbalanced aspect:

The unbalanced Big Red Soloist is those who we consider as ‘full of themselves’.

They are capable of speaking and gossiping about other people but they never reveal anything deep inside themselves.

They have a constant need to be the center of attention, so they enjoy complaining about their lives and everything comes out from their mouth is negative. Even beautiful words coming out from their mouth would leave people second-guessing if they are sarcastic or have a underlying meaning.

They are easily distracted by every small detail in their lives, because they are afraid to look deep inside them.

They are worried of what others would think of them, so they become closed up and only reveal the superficial side. Sometimes they feel like they are so bottled up that they can hardly breathe.

Balanced aspect:

The balanced Big Red Soloist is grounded and has a healthy self-esteem. Like the star soloist in a rock band, they shine on the stage and sing their heart out, with their beautiful voice touching everyone in the audience.

They are not affected by what others think because they know what their role is in this world. Even if they have fear, they remember that they are divinely supported to carry out the mission they have. They know that it is safe to express their own voice, and they are free to do so.

They allow others to be, but would not withhold when it’s time for them to speak the truth. Yet at the same time they are humble. They would never belittle or put down other people to make them feel just.

They have a deep inner knowing and trust because they are firmly rooted. This is usually reflected in their organized and orderly lives, because it serves as a foundation to support them.

They live in harmony with other people and nature, because they know that they are part of a community and everything is interconnected. Just like a star soloist would know that she cannot produce powerful music alone without her band to support her.

Does this week’s flower message resonate with you? Have you experienced what I have? If so, I would love to know. Please share your comment below.

Knowing that someone actually reads and appreciates this message really help me keep on writing. Thank you!

What is Flower Message?

With every flower message, I sit down with the flower and listen with my intuition. I will first start one sentence that summarizes the topic of this week’s flower. I will also use a nickname for the flower instead of using its official name. The nickname is usually related to the flower’s topic. Then I will delve into what the unbalanced and balanced aspect of the flower. In some way when we resonate with the topic of this flower, it’s because we have some part of the unbalanced aspect of the flower, and the flower will help bring us back to the balanced aspect. This is mostly a personal journey, but I realize sometimes other people do share what I’m going through at the same time. Hence the flower message is born.

How to Use this?

Observe and reflect if this week’s topic is relevant to you in any way. Do you notice the unbalanced aspect of the flower in you? Or do you feel balanced for this topic? Is this what you’ve been learning recently? Is this a topic that you resonate with? Meditate with the message. Have fun with it. Be mindful and most importantly, listen — listen to your soul’s voice within.

Why Flower Message?

Flowers and flower essences have always inspired me. They are my muse (hence — the brand name ‘Museflower’). Not only their beauty but their energy and the information they carry through are awe-inspiring. They are such a great healing tool in our spiritual journey and they love to help us humans.

Please return the love by appreciating the flowers you pass by. Sit down and listen to their stories. You will see that flowers have so much wisdom to share. Thank you.

About Tania Ho

Founder and owner of Museflower Retreat & Spa, Tania is a Hong Kong native who now makes her home at the retreat in Chiang Rai. Trained in a number of holistic therapies including Flower Essence consultation and Hado Counseling, Tania believes that healing can take place when we start making changes from within, and it starts from listening to the voice of our soul within.

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