All The Four Letter Words I Hold Back

I want to appear erudite, and considered in my arguments, so I sometimes hold back a little on saying exactly what I think. I have a very visceral reaction to idiots that puts a crack in the dam holding back the flood of obscenities. How useful is a Tourette’s episode when you want to convince someone of your deep held beliefs about the idiocy of another? People look askance at you.

I have been called crude before — well, maybe a while ago. Yes, I go there sometimes despite the fact I know it can lessen the power of the argument. What are you going to do? Sometimes it just makes sense to cuss. Some people use it too much, and then it becomes ineffective … well, unless you are looking at an expert of course, and there are some out there.

Sometimes telling someone to fuck off is just the logical choice. Sometimes calling someone a very rude name is what is called for. Are you going to look as intellectual as you might if you do a Good Will Hunting move and slay them by quoting swathes of books that demonstrate a thorough understanding of the subject in question? Of course not. But sometimes you want to halt the waffle, and the verbal equivalent of a throat punch does nicely.

I realize in some of my posts, for those who don’t know me, I may come across as very angry — that I might have an issue. This isn’t the case. I am talking about strategic pointed attacks to make a point, and to shut down someone who is sometimes speaking a bunch of crap.

Occasionally the expletives bottleneck and I machine-gun them at my audience. They needn’t sink the worth of the whole enterprise though. If the points adorned by swearing are valid, then please entertain them. I tried swearing off swearing sometimes, but they are a tool at my disposal, and sometimes you need to throw a spanner in the works.

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