America, I Love You, But You’re Hard To Digest

I really liked President Obama, but some people don’t want me to like him. Seems funny, right? But it’s true — and not just Republicans. He was our President. Good for you — but I like him too, sorry.

I really hate President Trump, but I am part of the same problem as him. I have to be an apologist for old white people, or if I say I’m not like them and make a point of this I am failing to see my ever-present white privilege.

You hate people being shot in mass shootings but won’t give up your guns. I am not allowed to comment despite coming from a place with no guns and subsequently no gun problem.

You complain about bad healthcare but decry systems that would provide it, like the UK and Canada as evil and communistic. I never felt communistic — sure there were deductions from my pay, but I could got to the doctors whenever I needed to.

You hold to the constitution, unless someone’s gender is non-binary, or their race isn’t the right one.

You say Black Lives Matter, but get angry at white people who support the notion.

You don’t want immigrants and political refugees, but the country was built by immigrants, and you create refugees every day with your foreign policy. Some in England have this same arse backwards attitude.

You are building a cage of contradiction which will never be unlocked because it is based on lies.

Here’s the thing, generally, this place is great — the art it produces communicates (whether it be music, film, or literature), and your average joe is friendly and willing to help, and the place is beautiful. But people wander around with blinkers on. They don’t understand how good they have it.

People from the same socio-economic group are tricked into beating up on each other based on the colour of their skin, or their gender, and it makes not a lick of sense. Beating on these people advances you not one bit — it just spreads the misery around, and guarantees that the bad shit will keep happening.

Separated into different camps whose mouthpieces tend to be rich people who actually live far away from the herds they goad, we buy into the bullshit of bipartisan politics, and we get nothing done, except having divisive conversations that span the spectrum from outright dumb to pseudo intllectual.

We live on the same planet, in the same geographical location, and we are experiencing the same problems. If we fail to solve them, and we burn down the places where we live, and we kill each other, all we do is create a worse place to live. Wanting peace and cooperation and dialogue isn’t idealistic; it is instead expressive of a desire to survive. Anyone trying to keep people apart, hide facts, or keep people arguing, is driving us towards the edge of a cliff. Being the smartest guy in the room while the room is burning down isn’t an achievement. Playing to your base and not looking after everyone else isn’t doing your job. It isn’t that when one party gets in all the people that voted against them get punished. The system is designed to allow the expression of opposing viewpoints, and the compromise that is derived from the dialogue the two camps belong to is supposed to lead to the creation of a better iteration of this project that has inspired so many: America.

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