Hate Is Valid

Anger is an energy. Yup, Johnny, it is. Fear isn’t a motivator; it shuts you down. If you can’t think beyond your next meal or prescription then you are either going to slide through the throat of fear into apathy, or you’re going to use that whetstone to sharpen the edge of your anger.

Anger at what? Well, for starters, the ones who say government for the people by the people, and then qualify that by sexual orientation or socio-economic group, or some other arbitrary which puts you outside the chalk circle or velvet rope.

Profit as a result of helping people is a great thing, and if you made money by helping people, you’ll probably continue doing so. Conversely, those who make money from harming people will continue to use that money to do so. Replace the word money with the word power and the assertion works just as well.

Governments are supposed to help the country to function. They are supposed to help their people. When they don’t, and they become profiteers instead, they have shifted into the second category: those who harm.

Love comes from appreciation of another and has a lot to do with help. Hate, well, you can see where I am going with this: hate derives from harm.

If you disagree with harm and assert you hate something, it doesn’t mean you are being anything as mild as obstructionist, you are matching hatred expressed through harm, through hatred expressed as resistance. It’s valid.

I’m not talking about hate speech here. No Nazi opinions are valid. I am talking, if you can see it, hatred as a positive thing. I don’t dislike bigotry and brutality, I hate it.

Standing against these harmful things is noble. The right to protest thus, is enshrined in the first amendment; it isn’t an inconvenience. It is essential. If you lack passion about things your life is going to be pretty lacklustre. Finding a little bit of hatred in yourself for someone or something objectionable isn’t succumbing to the dark side, it may be your first step away from it.

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