Something Beyond The Bipartisan?

Thinking Out Loud

Could you cut politics loose from the bi-partisan system it is locked into? Have a structure where people are employed on the understanding that they answer to the people, and that they are free from political bias? I am not sure it would be practical to implement, and the current arbiters of the entrenched power structure would definitely resist being ousted. The thing is, in so many ways it just doesn’t work.

Subjects become political footballs that bounce back and forth between two poles which are differently charged, and the issues never seem to resolve.

If we voted on policy, and it wasn’t refracted through the bullshit filter of red and blue viewpoints, and was carried out by non-partisan servants of the country would that work? Would the system be any less open to abuse? i am not advocating that the country be turned into a company and run along business lines, more that it would be something like the BBC — designed to serve and represent the interests of the country as a whole.

Monarchy is outdated, and we only have a titular monarch in the UK, a kind of nod to the historical value of the institute, which is a great selling point for the enterprise that is the UK. Isn’t the old two party system, which fails to represent the interests of its people, equally outmoded?

The civil service rolls along irrespective of which government is in power. if it were to be made more transparent, and more beholden to those it serves — which is the people and not the party in power, might it not provide an adequate skeleton upon which a new system could be fleshed out?

I am not sure if this sounds naive, distinctly impractical, or just the recipe for a thinly veiled corporate takeover leading to an inhumane dystopia. But, haven’t the Conservatives, with their slow and planned decimation of public sector services, and selling things off to the private sector, already waded deep into these waters already? Having a racist, inward looking party, possibly guilty of electoral fraud, who don’t want to help their own people, and seem intent on alienating everyone else isn’t leading us into any kind of bright future.

May, If she had the launch codes, in the same way that The Donald does, would be equally, if not more scary. To say she is more functional than him and would possibly be able to usher destruction in more quickly isn’t necessarily true, as functionality and destruction are necessarily correlatives. Slow erosion and a war of attrition against her fellow countrymen seems to be the way its headed; a slow picking apart of the very thing that makes Britain British. Despite what the Little Englanders say, it has never been this closed-minded place full of bigotry and fascism.

I just want something more for the country that birthed me. There aren’t enough viewpoints being represented, and the plutocratic nature of the whole thing seems to be turning ever more callous. It is strange that a party that strongly helps to create a situation where people are becoming increasingly ill-educated and impoverished then turns its basilisk gaze on those same people and criminalises their existence in that state.

I remember a sketch with Bill Hicks where he said America was like the bad guy in Shane who throws a gun in front of someone and tells them to pick it up, then shoots them, and then points to the fact that the dead person had a gun in their hands as justification. I feel like politicians create these problems and then turn around and point at their victims and offload the blame on them.

In a system where those charged with looking after the country and its denizens were rewarded for improving the lot of their people, and penalized for causing them harm, wouldn’t the country be a better place?

Currently the only penalty that politicians generally suffer for bad performance is not getting elected next time around, and considering the far reaching ramifications of some of their decisions, this seems more than a little unfair. You shouldn’t be able to cause nationwide misery and walk away from it. As a thief or a trouble-maker in our society you have to make amends, and the criminal does that by exchanging their time and labour (the commodity they have) to repay the debt. Given the average age of politicians it might just make more sense to hit them where it hurts — in their pocket. Levy an idiot tax on politicians and it might make them a little bit more careful what they decide to do. If not more careful, then at least liable in terms of reparation.

Something structurally needs to change — and preferable with a pragmatic bloodless revolution, but given how many people currently fall victim to the regime’s policy, whether directly or indirectly, this may be time for something a little more radical. And where Cromwell failed by handing power back to the old elite, hopefully whatever comes next might offer a step towards a more functional egalitarian system that doesn’t grind the less powerful in the machinations of its operation.

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