Thank You, Donald

Politicians are brim full of crap. It’s a known thing. Most of them are good at dissembling though; a polite way of saying they lie well. When you find out that someone has broken an election promise or is claiming credit for something they didn’t do it isn’t like you have to be treated for shock.

The Donald is terrible at lying. The Donald seems terrible at speaking. In some ways, the fact that he has no filter and a Twitter account is the best possible thing for unmasking the Emperor With No Clothes. Just let him at it. You don’t really have to dig to find the idiocy and the ill-informed opinions … they are right there on the surface, floating.

You can see the naked hate from the right wingers for the general populace; they don’t even try to hide it any more. Good manners have taken a back seat to being forthright and speaking one’s mind — even if that makes you an objectionable shit-tick.

We’re back to that place we occupied where we have Thatcher-a-likes who would be perfectly voiced by Daleks. Money is more important than people and compassion is holding the pillow over someone’s head to spare the rest of society the pain of having to engage in a social contract.

It doesn’t matter to The Base. The Base can hear any amount of twisted crap and they’ll still have their guy’s back. But the floating voters and the protest voters, and the people who aren’t dyed-in-the wool anti-social wonks, they are starting to question what they did when they voted for POTUS.

So, why thank you? Well, the chameleon garb of politicians seems to have slipped a little with him. He has lead the way and they have followed. Why bother to polish the turd when your loyal followers like the turd? Anyone that doesn’t like the taste of what’s being shoved down their throats? Well, they didn’t win, so who cares. It is easy to galvanise yourself against this; easy to see what the targets need to be; easy to gather how much urgency is needed in doing something to handle the idiocy that is pulling the world apart.

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