The Attraction Of An Air-Gapped Life

I look at the internet and all the things it has brought me, and sometimes I want to kill it.

I want to brick my phone.

Shit, this is dangerous stuff to say — universe, please don’t listen; I’m just throwing a textual tantrum.

But sometimes it stresses me out — it is one of those “friends” who only tell you about the problems in their life, and they are never problems with any kind of solution; they are designed to make you feel hopeless.

But I work in tech, so I can’t do this. I have family abroad, so I must remain connected. I write about things, so I have to know what is going on.

Being a liberal in the current environment is like being a blasphemer amidst fundamentalists — somewhat uncomfortable. If being a liberal even meant the same thing in the US as it meant in Britain, which it really doesn’t seem to.

This last couple of years, more than any other, have seemed to consist of two different sets of people shouting over the top of each other and not listening to the other party. Why is that important? No dialogue. No attempt to understand — merely a desire to get your point across. It is a very selfish viewpoint, but the weird thing is, being that way does little help the individual espousing it.

Being able to think of others, and to see that everyone has to exist in the same society actually makes it easier for you to exist in the society. If you create an atmosphere where someone can be shut down for their lifestyle or viewpoint you imperil your own lifestyle or viewpoint. Intolerance of others does nothing to preserve your own way of life. Being able to see that someone else should be able to live as they want, and not taking it as a personal affront or attack on your own lifestyle, means that you invite the same respect from others. Those who define themselves against another group and then seek to destroy that group are sowing the seeds of their own destruction. Force begets force and creates a busted cycle that may roll on like a buckled wheel for a while, but it won’t get you where you need to go — you’ll end up in a ditch, just ask Hitler.

But this is what I observe. And this is what I sometimes wish to step away from. Why don’t I? Because I care. It’s hard not to care, because I rarely look at another human being and see someone that is irredeemable. Redemption is available to all — if at any point Faustus had asked for help he could have received, he chose not to reach for the redemption right there in front of him. And I don’t want to frame redemption in terms of religion, because some people will see that as excluding them — instead I wish to posit redemption merely as a moving away from non-survival activities to pro-survival ones. This means positivity, and it means dialogue; communication … without it we really are lost.

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