What Horses For What Courses?

flinging enough shit at the wall

You hope.

You write a lot and you hope.

You hope that someone bites, and that they get pulled in. And you have varying degrees of success. Sometimes it is a steep learning curve stretched out over a long period of time — meaning it is kind of run at the wall and hit it and fail and get back up again.

Read some advice.

Get the rocket onto the launchpad once more, and burn through the stages, hit the upper atmosphere and lose your heat shielding and nose down into the ocean.

But you survive. And people say you have an indomitable spirit or some such.

But the truth is that you just don’t know what else to do — you have to write. So, every single like or follow on Wordpress counts, and lifts you up. But how do you convert the free follower into someone who’ll buy a book? It’s not easy, and there are volumes written on how to make the leap.

If you have the product and you still don’t make the sales, what’s the issue? The pitch? The marketing? Maybe. Or maybe there isn’t a market for your book yet; maybe you’re that far out on the edge.

Some things work that you read and some don’t. Are you happy with the work? Franz Kafka didn’t write to be published if you believe the legends. But he wrote for some reason, didn’t he? You don’t write works of that scope and precision if you don’t get any enjoyment out of it.

I got this far in and I don’t remember why I gave the article this title. I suppose the course this horse is fitted to is to keep writing whatever happens. At some point I believe the worth of the work will be recognised. I know no matter what I am not intending to stop writing.

Artists put themselves out there — they paint a target on their backs. If you take a few hits you shouldn’t be surprised — you wanted to generate interest, and that isn’t always going to be positive. In fact sometimes the only way you know you are doing anything of worth is because there are people attacking you. Don’t stray from the path — it is the way you need to walk, and you knew that all along. Sometimes people will convince you it is otherwise, but what is their agenda?

Some days it is all about sugar cubes, and some days it is about getting hit with a crop. Take it as it comes and take it for what it is. An effect being generated that you are feeling the repercussions of — this is actually a good thing.

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