Liz // Weehawken, NJ

Thirty. Interactive producer that loves puppies, vodka, and hula-hooping.

Do you like what you do for work?

No. I’m not passionate about the subject matter. I’d rather be fire-hula-hooping on a beach. With a dog.

If you had the attention of the whole world, what would you want to tell us?

It’s not going to be profound, I’m going to tell you that right now… some advice that’s from my grandmother, “Love is like a salad. It makes you sick in the head.” She was French. I only remember how to say the first part in French. And she had a great pie crust recipe. No butter, just straight up lard.

At the end of your life, if you could talk to just one more person, who and what would you say?

My grandmother. I’ve never met her. I’d just like to sit and chat with her. I’m supposed to be a lot like her.

What would you want to tell yourself at 18?

Stop being so hard on yourself and figure out what you want to do before doing it. Stop being so mean to yourself.

(At this point the conversation takes a slight detour as the focus shifts to a YouTube video of a German man trying to understand the term “party pooper.” Also, she showed me a video of herself. Hula-hooping. In her livingroom. Wearing a horse head mask.)

What’s the best thing about yourself?

I’m a great loyal friend. I’m a good friend and don’t judge. Many of my friends tell me that when they can’t talk to anyone else, they know they can talk to me.

What’s something you don’t like about yourself?

I’m too anxious. (Why?) I don’t know, I’m just always anxious. And that I still smoke.

Best advice?

Don’t know about given, but the best advice I’ve received was to love myself. (Do you?) No.

Why not?

I grew up in a way… feeling unwanted. Things happened. Felt like someone that doesn’t deserve things.

What do you wish your parents told you growing up?

I wish my parents told me not to worry about shit. The sh*t everyone worries about. And not to stress over tiny things.

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