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I’m sitting in front of my desk, telling myself to write a good story. We just made a publication platform, and wouldn’t it be nice to start with a beautiful piece? It’s funny how once I decide to write a finished train of thought, my mind totally blanks. I can’t remember any of the writing ideas that were bursting a mere moments ago.

We lose grasp of our ideas every so often. I created the habit of writing on my phone notes, but I don’t take a look back at them. Even if I do, I don’t remember half the process of my thoughts about it. If you want to write, you gotta grit. Everyone has their own methodology. You lie, combine, steal, randomize, patience it out, go take a shower, I don’t know. Whatever to get writing crap. If you’re a good writer perhaps you grit longer. Draft it more than once. Unlike me, who just don’t have the humility to wait. …


ben. muses.

You know. Stuff. Creativity, practice, critique, whatever we muse about.

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