First MTS summer 2017 meeting at the New Museum

Museum Teen Summit’s summer sessions started just two weeks ago. Among discussions on the values of teen programs in museums, we are beginning to explore new territories. This summer, we are exploring and carving out spaces for teens in New York City’s alternative/independent art spaces. Throughout the summer, we’ll meet with museum programmers, youth organizers, artists, teens, and leaders in the community to understand the possible roles teens have in organizing.

UGO RONDINONE: I ♡ JOHN GIORNO at 205 Hudson Gallery, a collaboration with the Rubin Museum of Art. Photo: Nicole Bass

This week we went to see some art and it was of the city-wide exhibition: UGO RONDINONE: I ♡ JOHN GIORNO. New MTS member Joshua Wiggan recaps what we saw:

We went to two interesting galleries. The first one was called UGO RONDINONE: I ♡ JOHN GIORNO, ANDY WARHOL: SLEEP AND OTHER WORKS. We got a sense of depression and romance from the clips. We felt this way becasue of the man and a girl he was with and also there was sad music in the back ground. The clips were black and white. Then we walked to the next space, which was cool and pretty close.

The second gallery was called Hunter College Art Galleries. We noticed a similarity with death because the words on the walls said people are disappearing because of death. Also everything was black and white. Then we went in a room next to this one and it had a very high contrast of neon colors. Inside that room had things related Buddhism that we all thought was very interesting. We made connections about buddhism believing in reincarnation to the death in the other room. After that we had a meeting in the room.