10,000+ Refugees Were Just Admitted to the US Illegally

As promised, Barack Obama just allowed 10,000 Syrian refugees into the US in an expedited fashion, with the option to allow thousands more in soon. So, what’s the big deal, you may be asking if you aren’t into these types of current events, or can’t connect dots very well.

If you like your security and immigration policy, you can keep it. — B. Obama

The big deal is this: First, Obama can’t legally just allow refugees into America, without them meeting certain specific criteria, which they do not. They have to be escaping religious persecution, I which I believe is what he’s trying to claim. It’d be the only thing remotely appropriate, except that it’s not suitable in this case. Only one half of one percent of the refugees are Christians. And that’s the second issue.

Syria had, pre-war, a population that was around 10% Christian. That was before the genocide began. So, 99–1/2% of the refugees Obama allowed in are here wrongly.

So, who is he letting in? Muslims, that are taking the opportunity to come to the USA. Why would a Muslim want to do that, when we’re told daily of how unwelcoming we Americans are(mostly by other Americans, who’ve never left our soil), and how uncomfortable they feel here?

Answer: because they are NOT moving here to assimilate and become Americans, like ignorant Americans will try to argue. They’re looking to come here to settle and grow their culture and population in the US. Which normally is fine, except their religion and culture wants Americans and Christians dead, and/or legal system to reflect Sharia law, and to generally take over. The head of CAIR has explicitly said so. And it’s being done illegally. Some people may think that’s fear-mongering, hyperbolic, xenophobic, or whatever term they’ve learned recently. But it isn’t, when you put it in context and perspective, which is where people seem to diverge. So far, the integration of Muslims into American society hasn’t gone what I’d call “well” no matter who you ask. That’s because of the aforementioned expectations on everyone’s part.

Americans, as all humans tend to do, view things from their own perspective. There’s nothing wrong with that, however, as we become adults we’re expected to learn to be able to view things from others’ perspectives too, aka empathy. It’s how you succeed in life, in fact. If you don’t believe me, ask anyone you feel is successful how they feel about empathy, and I’ll bet they are very capable of being empathetic. It’s a desirable skill, and one we all really should learn to have a happy, meaningful life. Not everyone does, of course.

Empathy is valuable for helping other people and for managing difficult situations. It’s also handy for judging other people’s intentions and figuring out what they’re about, which is something we’re always doing, whether we realize it or not. Why do I even mention this? Because if you’re able to be empathetic to the average Syrian refugee, you’ll see what’s going on.

Let me explain I have nothing against immigrants or refugees, and in fact help them often. My church has an entire building and a program dedicated to taking in Syrian refugee families, in fact. And legal immigration is a healthy part of any country’s policies. LEGAL immigration. Like most of our relatives arrived to the se shores. The people that have a problem with Donald Trump saying he’s building a wall need to calm down and think about things for a moment, instead of having a rather ignorant typical liberal knee-jerk reaction.

Firstly, America already has a wall along our border. It’s porous, however, and not very well-secured, either by design or incompetence. Some Democrats don’t seem to realize that. We have things to protect here in America. If you can’t agree with that, then we have nothing to talk about. But to protect something, anything, you need borders to delineate where we stop and Canada and Mexico start. Hopefully that makes sense as well. Just like you have walls and a lockable door around you and your things, most likely. Controlling those borders is a priority when we have people and countries that want to harm you and me and our families, assuming you’re also an American and reading this.

Secondly, I come across videos often like this one which shows a Muslim quoting Muslim “scholars” answering a basic scientific question that amazingly(supposedly, but again, remember the level we’re working on here) a fully-grown adult wrote, asking if the Earth rotates around the Sun or is fixed in position. He incorrectly explains how the Earth is fixed and Americans made the solar system’s operations and moon landing up. I’ve seen other videos of Muslims teaching similarly preposterous and flat-out wrong ideas as well. I read a quote by an Imam that was worried that if Hillary Clinton were to become president, she’d become irrational during her menses, and therefore shouldn’t be a leader. There are a million reasons not to elect Hillary Clinton, but her “womanly” problems aren’t one. She hasn’t seen a box of Playtex in very long time. That’s basic human biology, which obviously wasn’t a subject that was taught to many middle eastern men. The pro-refugee crowd will tell you that we’re turning away great minds. I’ve yet to see that happen, and they haven’t exactly been producing any evidence.

The reason the U.S. and our allies’ involvement will never solve anything and this “war” will never end isn’t just because our government is inept, or has no business fighting a holy war, or any other applicable reason. It’s because of a couple of things:

  • A soldier of faith will outlast a soldier of fortune.
  • We aren’t equipped to fight against this type of enemy. We’re built to fight countries, not ideologies.
  • Politicians are the ones calling the shots; not military leaders. Politicians will put politics above winning, lives and everything else. It’s been illustrated vividly by Hillary herself in Benghazi. This conflict of interests will prevent any rational decisions being made.
  • We’re being led by Muslim sympathizers. Obama’s father, brother, and the rest of his family which he shuns, is Muslim. A large number of people in high positions in our government currently are Muslim. This definitely isn’t the time for sympathizers. We’re witnessing genocides. The crux of the problem lies here, which terrorists are capitalizing on: We have 1.6 billion Muslims, and no one can tell which ones want your head cut off, except other Muslims, and then not even them. So sure, there are some trust issues.
  • And most importantly, The Muslim community refuses to reform. It’s run and controlled by men, who interpret the Koran so that they are powerful, important, (relatively)safe, wealthy, laden with multitudes of wives and sexual partners, and can simply kill anyone they don’t want around. There is absolutely no incentive for them to change this system, and they have no intention of ever doing so. They’ve got it made, if you’re a man who lives to feed his primitive side and has no desire to evolve, such as some Muslims do. It’s why when an ISIS leader is killed, another pops up to take his place.


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