Enough Schadenfreude, Libs

If I’m making the Trump administration about one thing, it’s exposing liberals as frauds and general ignorami. No one said boo during Obama’s years, while the world was burning and America was circling the toilet drain, except me and a handful of other punching bags that were just harassed for 8 years straight for not getting with the liberal program. The media was cheering him on, liberals were applauding at the lack of leadership and slackness regarding, well…just about everything but his free time. As much as I hate Obama, I never wished for him to fail or harm to him personally. I can’t say the same for the opponents of Trump. Something tells me these folks never played on a team sport.

But Obama’s days are numbered, thank merciful God. His failures are still being counted, and will be for a long time. Trump’s the new sheriff in town, and has been for a while. He’s the only one that’s doing anything except giving himself and his minions medals like the current president before he departs.

Each new day brings new articles about how terrible the Trump admin is going to be according to no-name, nobody “experts” that have put their names in a pot for media to contact about such things. Example: https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/trump-walking-minefield-blindfolded-experts-195850501.html Economics PhDs are infamous for this. Nothing against Econ PhDs, because I know a lot, but they aren’t business degrees like 99% of the population seems to think. Economics is a social science. And a very inaccurate one.

But to that end, I’m also an expert. Which arguably, I am in some respects. I have an MBA; I’m an adjunct professor; I’ve written articles and published a book; and am in the midst of doing so again, and I have accolades and experience (far past the 10,000 hours Malcolm Gladwell opines is needed) that render me an expert at several things: business, WordPress, front-end web development, guitar, design, writing & English, cooking, and pasttimes that are getting into the realm of hobbies, but at my age, 10,000 hours gets easier to mark off. It becomes “wisdom.”

I had more experience and qualifications than Barack Obama for the office of President, in fact. As did many of my friends. That’s scary. The guy the media dubbed “the most qualified person for the office of president, ever.”