Obama’s Inner Circle

I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing some pretty amazing things in the next few years. Not just with our new administration, but little tidbits that were quickly covered up, swept away out of sight or otherwise muffled during the past 8 years.

Obama promised the most transparent admin in history. What he delivered was the absolute least. That isn’t just an opinion; the number of freedom of information requests that were returned without any material because it couldn’t be found or some other false reason was staggering. He never held press conferences, released only very carefully-drafted releases of narrow matters & was loathe to give even a speech without a teleprompter for years upon years, and kept everything on the downlow like no other president in history. He knew what he was doing when it came to covering things up, I will give him that.

Complicit was most of American media, which still exists to be his mouthpiece and spin any fluff out of the White House as positively as possible, and bury anything that can’t have a smiley face put on it. But statutes run out, and people move on. Documents and things have a way of reappearing afterwards, and I think we’re in store for some eye-opening stories from the past 8 years. Americans are going to be rightfully embarrassed when it happens, too.

It’s already beginning to happen with things like this.

I don’t normally give any credence to the USA Today, but since they are handed out in nearly every American hotel and airplane, someone’s reading it. And I commend them on having the surprising balls to print the piece, when no one else seems willing to do so.