So Who is Huma Abedin?

Wow. So much to comment on. If you’re into politics, you’ve no doubt come across Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin. I’m sure they once described themselves as some sort of power couple, but the magic has gone from that relationship in a bad way. And all that power is more like a damp fizzle at this point.

A preview of Hillary’s Open Border policy.

Weiner is his own enemy. And Hillary and his wife’s. And maybe America’s. Huma is Hillary’s confidante and right-hand person. Also her assistant, girl-friday, friend, fellow liberal, and many other roles she’s filled on her way to be chief of staff for a President Hillary, which may or may not happen at this point. There have been a lot of clean hits on her which haven’t taken her down, but this one is serious and poorly-timed for her.

I’ll be curious to see if Jim Comey steps down eventually from this decision to send that letter, reopen the investigation, and going against his superiors’ wishes. Those wishes are to keep Americans clueless and democrats in power, incidentally. I’ve heard he did it because morale at the FBI after he let Hillary off scot-free was super-low, and many top agents were resigning. Those guys don’t grow on trees, so saving the FBI was probably on the “pro” side of his mental list.

That had to be a hard decision to make. I believe he made the right choice, even if he broke protocol, which was tossed out the window by his boss years ago. Comey’s a smart man, and that’s not me saying that — it’s people smarter than I am who believe it, and he sounds like a fair guy. Harry Reid, who loved him last week, now hates him. Of course Harry Reid is owned by the government. Everyone’s speculating, and no one’s working on this during the weekend of course, but the FBI, so we’ll have to wait. 10 days until the election. Voter fraud has been witnessed and caught, despite Democrats insistence that it doesn’t exist somehow.