Who’s Reading Wikileaks?

Damning evidence to be sure, but are the right people paying attention?

I would answer my byline first with a resounding: “no.”

Round 11 of the Podesta emails have appeared. Within them shows the Hillary campaign and DNC were using mentally ill to disrupt Trump campaigns, paying “activists” to start fights at rallies, and pretty sophisticated when it comes to protecting those that need it. Do Hillary supporters care? I personally doubt it, since many of them encourage and root for this behavior, or are happy to turn a blind, ignorant eye to it all to maintain their personal comfort level.

This sort of defies the accusations that Trump is somehow inciting violence at his rallies. Will any of this matter to Democrat supporters? Doubtful at this point.

If anything, however, this might explain why seemingly intelligent people are going to rallies to stir up trouble, which has become deemed “protesting.” Here’s an article by the liberal rag Slate which offers no good video or evidence of its claims, but is effective in making it sound like Donald Trump, via his supporters, are going around beating up people(and so badly, they refuse any medical care). Black people, at that! This dumb article even succeeds at mentioning the Ku Klux Klan in it just for kicks, and links to an event that happened over half a century ago as some type of support as to the supposed racism that was part of this situation. And it just keeps getting weaker from there.