Why Do Liberals Hate Facts vs. Feelings?

Since the election of Donald Trump nearly 2 weeks ago has seen Trump move on and already get down to business, many Americans have decided to ignore the election and keep complaining and campaigning for Hillary Clinton. I must say, it’s becoming tiresome. And this is from someone who had a pretty good time during the election cycle shutting liberals up and down with facts, like shooting fish in a barrel.

This video illustrates what I mean. It’s all about feelings, not facts. This clown from Roll Call, whatever that is, who Tucker Carlson interviews even explicitly says so as he’s dismantled by Carlson. Incidentally, I don’t know what possesses people to go on live TV with such a losing position and as undefended as this Roll Call guy.

The next few years on “TV,” which for me is the web, is going to be conservatives with quick wits and big brains tearing liberals to shreds. Megan Kelly, Tucker Carlson, Tomi Lahren, and the rest of them — there are a lot, who have been mostly quiet over the past 8 years. But it seems they’ve been reawakened vis this election. And it’s quite entertaining. and Enlightening.

I’ve read stupidity in Facebook comments like Trump obviously doesn’t know anybody because of his administrative picks and considerations. Say what?! Another example: I got into it with a business executive I follow on Twitter tonight who asked fellow liberals what kind of dirt they can provide him on Jeff Sessions, Trump’s AG pick, because not surprisingly, he didn’t know anything about him. Even though he’s been a senator and in the public eye for over 30 years.

Achievements and credentials went out the window in 2008. And in true form, the guy isn’t worried about them here. He just wanted negative talking points about the man, and that’s it. Pathetic. And he’s hardly alone. Someone called Sessions a racist: the worst thing someone can be called on the left, and an overused and misused word that as a result has no meaning any longer on the right. And that’s what he’s been labelled, even though there’s no evidence. Facts just don’t matter anymore to the left; it’s just how you feel about someone via online jibber-jabber from idiots that matter and should shape your views.

The negativity from the left is unmatched. When Obama somehow won in 2008 and 2012, the right was biting their tongues. But the true colors of the left are really showing vividly this campaign cycle. Mostly black. (I don’t mean that as a “racist” comment, but after writing it, I realized liberals would certainly take it that way. I just mean their true colors are dark. It’s a metaphor.)