Why Liberals Are Taking This So Hard

I can already hear the shouts of “you don’t know me/think for me/tell me what to do” so I’ll address it first. You’re right. But what I describe in my theory about liberals is so textbook, that if it doesn’t represent you as a liberal, it’s close to it.

And, keep in mind this is just a theory. I wouldn’t and couldn’t claim anything I ever say is law. Just my perception. But I assure you an accurate one.

If I were Australian, I would be pissed off.

To use a term that’s been seen a lot lately on the interwebs, Liberals are “butthurt” over losing this election. I imagine so. They thought Hillary winning was a sure-thing. That’s what they wanted, which was important, that’s what their media and friends were all telling them, and that’s all you need, apparently. Meanwhile, I saw how it was going to go down long ago, and couldn’t wait, to be honest. I’ve had a miserable past 8 years watching this presidency go by like a slow, expensive parade of failures.

But the reason liberals are taking Trump’s decisive victory so hard is what I mentioned above, their belief that it was not possible. The insanely smug video footage says it all:


That’s got to be a bitter pill to swallow. But if that wasn’t enough, Jill Stein asked for it to be repeated, and Trump picked up even more votes that wrongfully went to Hillary. Double down on the pain, I guess, like re-electing Nancy Pelosi as speaker. Holy Brainwashing!

But that’s not even close to being all the reasons this blew liberals’ feeble minds. What it was due to is the fact they have no identity other than their politics. If you were to attack liberalism, they feel like you’re attacking them personally. Conservatives by and large have a foundation they live their lives by. Christianity, Buddhism, whatever. but something that guides their moral compasses. Liberals don’t seem to have that, and rely on politics, more specifically identity politics, to help them through life.

What we saw with this election was a shut down of that ideology. Obama was well on his way to turning this country into a college campus, and not a very good college. Trump is the parent that’s returning to see how things were kept while away, and we all know: not very well. Liberals reactions are like children having temper tantrums because of their panic at what is about to happen. Trouble is, they don’t know, and don’t have the education, experience or anything that would allow them to understand why Trump is doing what he’s doing. They only understand how lawyerly politicians do things, which is how things have been done all their very short lives.

Liberals assault Conservatives’ political viewpoints all the time, and they shrug it off as best as they can. The tenets of their religion tell them to, as do their very politics. Liberals confuse Republicans with conservatives, because there is no difference between a liberal and a democrat. And therein lies why they’re so devastated. Their ideology, that was going so swimmingly in their warped minds, was roundly rejected like a basketball being swatted away from an 8 foot goal by LeBron James. And it got real all of a sudden. Lights came on at 2:00. Time to get back to work.

That defeat illustrated a few things worth noting. All along I kept saying the polls have been, and always will be, a load of crap and inaccurate, except for the exit polls. Yet, stations and media in general kept going on and on and on about how many percentage points Hillary was up here or there. It didn’t matter, and never has. Some people refuse to learn from history.

It shows how we have a generation of snowflakes, as the term has become known, that are soft as marshmallows. They may have loud voices, but it appears conservatives and anti-liberals have the vote and the strength. Hillary lost despite being a total criminal, a total liar, having all the media not just on her side, but anti-trump, her husband, the president of the united states and countless brainless celebrities campaigning for her, had about ten times the money Trump had at least, and still lost. OUCH!