Practicing Happiness to boost your success

Everybody might have a different perspective of happiness; some might say one thing and others might say another; somethings will work for some people which might not work as well for others. Let us try to clear things out by quoting Steve Maraboli “Happiness is a state of mind, a choice, a way of living; it is not something to be achieved, it is something to be experienced.”

I think, everybody at some point in life struggled with negative thoughts, emotions, depression or anything related; and I am nobody different. I experienced these kind of negative thoughts multiple times in life like when I didn’t get good marks in a certain year and I had to repeat that year so that was tough. Sometimes, due to the lack of practical work during courses of my undergrad degree; I feel like this is not worth it. First of all, you need to be patient in those times and try to avoid making decisions in that state of mind because you will regret them afterwards. I can do some very specific things which when done daily can solve the problem of negativity for good.

I can pay gratitude to people who have done even very little and minute things to help me through those difficult times while some of them will not expect that at all; it is a win-win situation where the positive vibe will take over and it will mirror on me as well. I can exercise and meditate to make myself feel that I am investing on myself. Conscious acts of kindness as I have mentioned in one of my previous blogs never go wasted and even unrewarded. As one cannot entirely understand a concept until or unless he practically implements it; I acted upon some of these steps. The experience was good and it felt like I was helping myself more than I was helping others. It also made me understand that we need to reverse the formula for happiness and success as: If we can find a way of becoming positive in the present, then our brains work even more successfully, as we’re able to work harder, faster and more intelligently.

Let me end this by adding a quote from Walt Disney which is very apt for this scenario