Problem Solving Challenge

We are not finding it easy at all to collect funds for the Edhi Organization because there are many people who discourage. People are also right in their stand of not trusting the fund-raisers because they have been deceived many times in the past. In spite of all this, we decided to follow the path of Edhi sb. and do what little we can do. We decided to develop and employ a three pronged approach. The first one being that we should use our friend circle, our neighborhoods, societies and try to engage the people and persuade them to voluntarily contribute towards this cause. It is advised that by any means contribution should not look as compulsion. The second approach could be that we should employ our connections in the universities to collect funds. We can set up front desks or can go to each and every student personally for the collection purposes. It must be kept in mind that students usually don’t have extra disposable money but they usually are big-hearted and as a gesture of hospitability they can guide us to the people from whom we can get the funding. The third approach could be that we can arrange a road-show or awareness walk where not only our group but the whole session should participate. We can go door to door and shop to shop in order to acquire big funding. It must be kept in mind that we should be thick-skinned during the whole process and avoid ourselves from negativity and actively use the precious Amal principles of problem-solving in every step of our process.

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