People switch from their fulltime job to freelancing thinking they would enjoy the freedom that comes with it. They are lured by the expectations of improved work-life balance and the ability to choose their own working hours. And to further add to their eagerness, we have “influencers” who post photos of themselves working by exotic beaches and in the mountains.

The perks of freelancing are something most of us wouldn’t want to miss. This has resulted in a 4.2% year on year increase in the number of freelancers across the United States, which is expected to reach 90.1 …

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Technological breakthroughs happen when some extraordinary people ditch conventional business ventures and decide to work on something in its infancy. At present, these extraordinary people are the ones working with blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

Blockchain has gained a substantial amount of coverage in the mainstream media since the Bitcoin boom, but it’s far from popular. The primary buzz is still around cryptocurrencies and not blockchain.

Most people are still oblivious to the word ‘blockchain’, let alone having a basic understanding of the technology. This makes the marketing of blockchain businesses a difficult game.

You have a small audience to promote…

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No extra-deep, incomprehensible explanation. Just the basics.

Let’s suppose the United States and China are two excelling students studying in the same school in the same class.

They both do best to outperform each other and become the highest ranked student in their class.

For all this while, there had been a cold competition going on between the two students. They’ve done every possible crooked thing to stay ahead of each other.

However, none of the two really did anything big against each other so openly so as to make the matters be known to the school’s principal (the media and the world).

The United States says…

Not just the definition of passion


“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” George Hegel

Yes. Exactly. You got to have some burning passion within yourself to achieve something in your life.

But a passion for what? And did someone tell you how that passion comes to be? How do you get passionate about something? Are you born with it? Do you develop it? Can someone please explain?

Okay, wait.

You open up any of your social media news feed and you’re sure to land your eyes upon at least one post that reads something “passion”.

And all of them sound so…

I’m fresh out of college


We all might be poles apart in terms of everything, but the one common thing between all of us is that we all commit mistakes. You and I and everyone else, at some point in life, take the path we later realize we shouldn’t have. And it sucks to be in those shoes.

But at the end of the day, our life is what we choose to make it.

I had already wasted two complete years of my life before I realized that I wasn’t meant to be doing what I was into. I never dreamed of becoming a civil…


Seemingly, Facebook has transcended beyond the negative notions surrounding the cryptosphere. Not long back, in January 2018, Facebook imposed a blanket ban on the promotion of digital currencies and ICOs on its social media platforms. However, recently, the news of Facebook launching its own cryptocurrency in the first half of 2019 took the blockchain industry by a storm. The announcement received a mixed reaction from the crypto community. Some are sceptical of the launch while others, excited.

Much before this news came out, there was already a buzz about Facebook rapidly expanding its blockchain and crypto team, since its commencement…

Adweek: DuckDuckGo vs. Google

There’s no denying that we are years away from seeing any other search engine take over Google. Yes, it has grown thaaaaat big and has left us so dependent on itself that it just can’t happen so quick.

Google tracks almost all your activities through your smart devices — especially so in the case of Android devices. The places you visit, the steps you walk, the time you spend on each website, the searches you make, the products you click on and so on.

If you are using Google devices and/or its products, Google is behind you.

Everywhere. …


With so many niches/domains out there to get oneself into, why would a technical content writer specifically choose to be a blockchain writer? Is that the question you’ve been asking yourself?

Well, it seems you’re going to have your answer. Read along.

Some 12 months ago that I had my first opportunity to write content related to the blockchain and cryptocurrency. And that was also my breakthrough into mainstream content writing. I’d been writing content even before, but never really to earn my bread and butter.

That is one reason why I’m so inclined towards writing in the blockchain and…

Don’t feel directionless yet.


There’s so much that goes around about connecting the dots of life. However, we often find ourselves in a place where even finding those dots is impossible, leave behind connecting them.

That’s not just with you or with me, it is the same with almost every human on this planet.

Life is complicated and so is the task of connecting the dots of life.

You just can’t sit for an hour and figure out everything about life. It takes a lot of time, perseverance and, of course, hard work.

Most people are directionless (and that’s not bad).

Unaware of what…

2018 was “the” year of ICOs. The investments made in all the ICOs included easily broke off all previous records to set unprecedented highs. But on the other hand, 2018 also brought to the crypto world a tsunami of ICO scams (48% of the total ICOs are scams), and ineffective and unrewarding ICOs. It not only caused a dent of billions of dollars to the market and its investors but also bewildered the investors—especially the new ones—of the reliability of ICOs.

Governments across the globe and blockchain and cryptocurrency institutions have been taking serious measures to tackle the rise of…

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