Project Goal

The goal of my project is to reduce my weight and get smart in a very short term to change towards a healthier lifestyle. There are a lot of weight losing techniques but I opted three different procedures that will not only get my weight lose but it will also helps me keeping my body in shape i.e I will be looking smarter. Many people don’t believe that I can be of 95 Kg as I am bit higher in terms of height. Here is a snapshot that will explain my BMI which suggest that I am overweigh and I need to do something to overcome this problem.

Body Mass Index-M.Mushhood Amin Siddiqui

Reason To Achieve a Goal

I have read in in my early classes that “A healthy body has a healthy mind”. If I am healthier I will be paying good attentions to happenings around me. This will also helps in making my mind creative. If I am strong (not overweight) it will reduce the chances of metabolic syndrome (blood pressure, high cholestrol level) and keeps my personality good. A handsome personality is also a key factor that most of the employers look about. So considering all these factors I find AMAL’s project will help me attaining my goal. So I started acting upon , getting smarter.

Past Challenges

I remember it was July 2015 I had the same spirit of getting my weight lose and had also joined a Gymnasium for excercise but it could not go longer. I had a tough Job of travelling all over Pakistan and I hardly found time to keep my activity continue. So the goal of getting smarter was not achieved.

List of Tasks In this Goal

Excercise in Gymnasium- (I have joined a Gymnasium for body excercise which I am doing after Aftari every day)

Walk- (Walking and Jogging is best to keep your stomach functioning well. I have started walking daily after finishing my excercise)

Balanced Diet- (Of course It is not an easy task to do, but I find Ramzan as a bonus time that will help me attaining my goal. There is break of 17 Hours of eating and drinking that is very good for health as well. After Ramzan I will have to pay good attentions towards balancing my diet.

Below are some of the pics in support of my goal.

Experience In These Task

I feel strong in just two days. I feel that I am fresh every time I do something. Although I get bit tired after doing this but it keeps me healthy and fresh all the day. I find this very helpful in my personal development. Atleast I am doing something for which I will not be hearing “Overweight” by some people. I find Ramazan as best time for this activity. Fruits and dates only daily basis, no junk food, this is enrich with energy are to be taken on daily basis. This is amazing. I am loving it. It would be more challenging after Ramzan but I will manage it In sha ALLAH.

Learning Experience

I learn I can put my imagination into reality and nothing is impossible. Just the need is to start doing yourself and believe in yourself. As I started I am find I will achieve it on one day.

Next Steps

The next Step is to increase the time of excercise and jogging day by day and to keep the diet balanced. This is neccessary to keep my body healthier. I hope I will find definite changes after one month. I will be making my personality where people will making praise of. Thanks Amal for providing such a project that has changed my lifestyle.

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