Learning from others-Living a life of purpose

What is the life purpose to whom you talked with?

Life purpose is difficult to answer for some people to whom I have discussion with. Some of them find the purpose of their life while having conversation with me while some took time to answer this question. One of my friends Salman said that his life purpose is to be near and close to his Creator by avoiding evils and remaining kind to humanity. Other friend told me that his father had a purpose of providing basic needs to his family as we he was living a very hard life but his father died when he was a child so he decided to complete the life purpose of his father by being educated and meeting his family financial needs. Another friend told me that his life purpose is to be a gentle man by being kind and supportive to each everyone whom he met. I talked to another friend who told me that he is helping the needies and he had challenges finding the most needy ones.

What did you learn by talking with them?

Most of the people have a purpose that has some connection to satisfaction. I learnt that life purpose is ultimately internal satisfaction; it can be by helping the poor and needies, by respecting the old and younger, by educating the people, by doing good deeds, by remaining close to their Creator, by meeting financial needs for their families. It’s not easy to attain your purpose but every step you took for completing it is a part of success in achieving your purpose of life. Like one of my friend had serious criticism by colleagues when he tried to help to find out the needies who suffered from flood. He became more confident because he was doing the right thing and it has helped him to manage it more effectively and it will not be difficult for him to help, if it happens in future. So life purpose is to be better and better every day. No matters what are the challenges, we don’t need to fear about the results rather than we should focus on our responsibilities.

Did your conversation with them help enhance or change anything that you learned in this course?

Life purpose does not necessarily be attained in a specified time because what you think is different from the outcomes. But I were able to convinced them to never quit whatever the challenges and fears are, you have to stick to your purpose and take your responsibility rather than thinking about the outcomes. I told them the story of Ansar Management Company which changed their way of thinking in living a life of purpose.

How does their why compare to your why?

Everyone why is ultimately to bring some change in the community and my why is also related to this.

What do you think your why is?

There are factual gaps that is resisting us to move forward specially in the field of education. There are lacks of trainings but a lot of degrees. Our country has huge resources but lack in strong manpower. Everyone is doing business for their own cause and no one wants to give opportunity for trainings. So my purpose is to go to Middle East, work and be technically and professionally strong and then come back to Pakistan and practice and teach those skills in organization to make my country peaceful and happy.

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