Sharing a story of my mentor

1. Who is someone in your life who has accompanied you or who has been a mentor for you?

My Father.

2. Please share a story about how they have helped you grow, helped you reach the accomplishments you have achieved, or helped you become the person you are today.

I was 4 years old when my parents wished to make me an educated person where one day they will be proud of me. Crescent was one of the nest schools in Lahore which required a tough entrance test exam. My parents spent one year in teaching me for the exam but I could not succeed. They spent another year in struggling for the same because they want to see my self a well-educated man serving his country. At last they were succeeded in getting me admitted at Crescent Model Higher Secondary School.

My father had a very low income as he was just working as a upper division clerk in government sector. It was very hard to pay for the dues. My father did extra document work at night to pay for the dues. After three years they went through the same procedure for my very next younger brother. The situation became even more difficult, but they put their hard work and I was able to complete my Matriculation. I got the privileged to join Forman Christian College for Higher Secondary studies and this time they had to take a loan from bank to pay for my dues. I believe my parents was living a life of immersion. They were focused, they never quit. And I would like to add that it was because of them that I am successful today. They sacrifice their own life in building me. Now I am done with my graduation in Engineering. It is they who are successful. They should feel proud that they have actually achieved what they dreamed about.

My father is such an example, he never quit at any stage. He provided us calm environment of living and studying despite the hurdles from relatives. He sacrificed many things to pay for each everthing we needed.

3. How important do you think it was for you to have humility in order to learn from this person? Would you have been able to learn from them if you did not have humility?

It is as important as your accomplishment of dream is about. If I live and work for helping others I will learn the ground realities that will not only help me knowing the situations from the depth but can also help me to face and bring solutions to the difficulties in future. And this is one the most important quality of a leader.

It would be difficult to learn if there had been no trait of humility in me.