Sharing the 6-tips from Sohail Sb with your class mate

I met Salman ofently and this time I met him with good career advices. As Salman is younger than me and currently in the last year of his Architectural Engineering at UET, I thought it would be good pieces of advices for him that will help him to clear about his vision.

Discussion Part

The 6 tips that we shared are as follows,

Me-It would be better if you would do internship in a corporate sector so that you can narrow down your path of interest and work.

Salman-I did an internship in fact at my dad’s own business office and Iam hoping to join my dad’s business as soon as my studies complete.

Me-Sohail Sb is a great HR professional, according to his advice and my experience I have found if you have to work in a corporate sector Masters and PhD’s have nothing to do unless you are working in a research field. So my advice is to join the business sector as soon you et free from Bachelor’s to excel in business

Salman-I am thinking of doing MBA but you said it’s not necessary

Me-Listen, if you want to do MBA because it’s your passion than . there is no harm, try to work in business sector along the side and don’t waste time in pursuing PhD because you want to join the business of your father.

Me-You must spend some time at least one year and then narrow down your path, if you love the work just stick to it otherwise you will have wide options to select in which corporate sector you can fit in.

Salman-That’s a great piece of advice. Thank you!

Me-Your background is engineering and it would be an icing to the cake if you do MBA alongside your work, that would align your career with your studies. This will broaden the opportunities for you and you can move for bigger corporate sector.

Salman-I am encouraged by your advice of doing MBA. I want to work for an year and then persue for MBA to see if there is a need of higher study or not.

Me-You must be careful that you are responsible for the outcome because decision is yours. You may get advices from different people but decision will be yours. So be self determined and take the risk.

Salman-Yes absolutely everyone is responsible for his own doing; we can’t blame anyone for our own decision. Sometimes the same thing is different for different people. I got your point.


It was great to dicuss the tips of Sohail Sb.with my friend Salman who is keen interested to be entrepreneur, infact he has started working at his Dad own business. He was even clearer about his vision so I learned the value of having a degree in your hand. Whether I want to work at my own business or want to do a job at most Bachelor’s is a requirement after that you study at your own will that is not a requirement. I learned that by sharing the ideas you even get your ideas more clear.