How did Tsarist Ochrana interrogate Polish women?

“Who is this lady?”

The apartment — as Olka herself claimed — looked as if a hurricane had blown through it with all its power. Furniture had been overturned, cushions and upholstery had been cut and torn. Pictures and curtains had been torn off the walls, and knick-knacks and junk, apparently thrown from shelves and drawers, were scattered across the floor. Inside, apart from the gendarmes, there were also the parents of the absent courier:they turned pale and silent.

  • “Who is this young lady?” — asked one of the policemen in a tone that could bear no objection. Meanwhile, the courier’s mother was constricted. “I’ve never seen her in my life,” she repeated again and again. She neither wanted to confirm that her son knew Olka nor admit that she had ever seen them together. I don’t know anything, was her only answer.
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