Kicking off 2016

Two weeks into the New Year and 2016 is already shaping up to be a big year for the music industry. The Fair Play Fair Pay Act continues to gain traction, and artists are advocating now more than ever before for the rights of content creators and performers successfully in and outside the halls of Congress.

Recently, Daryl Friedman of The Recording Academy gave Billboard Magazine a taste of what’s to come in 2016. Friedman talked about current advocacy efforts on the Hill including Fair Play Fair Pay, as well as the growing bond musicians have with policymakers. Friedman noted how musicians’ involvement in these crucial issues helps push the needle, making lasting progress.

“The connection between a music creator and a policy maker is a very special one, because in many ways they’re similar. I’ve seen meetings between members of Congress and artists where they really bond — Orrin Hatch playing songs for Lyle Lovett. In addition to that, it helps level the playing field. Some of the opposition to the music community issues are very powerful, monied tech companies, with teams of lobbyists and large budgets. What we can bring as The Recording Academy is the creators themselves.”

The Recording Academy, a member of the musicFIRST Coalition, and other Fair Play Fair Pay supporters are anticipating a big year ahead. We urge you to help us raise awareness about this important cause and write your member of Congress to let them know why instilling lasting performance right reform is so important to you.

Thanks as always for all of your support, and happy New Year!

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