Check out the great music app for amateurs and professionals

The application DJ Mix Pads 2 — Remix Version developed by the company Music Paradise proves that anyone can create music and receive recognition from the audience. Just wanting to is enough.

Making tracks doesn’t take special skills

The key to success of the application DJ Mix Pads 2 is its simplicity for the users. Even a newbie in music production who wants to make their first composition will have no trouble mastering this program — especially since the app has a special tab with tips and recommendations for the beginners. The sound content of the application was created by a team of professional sound designers. The users only need to give free rein to their imagination for recording their own unique track.

Ready to use music studios inspire creativity and growth

The main feature of DJ Mix Pads 2 is the possibility of creating a personalized music studio depending on the genre preferences. Once the personal studio in the preferred genre is set up, the user can take advantage of additional features. First of all, there are tips from professional musicians on how to create a high-quality composition in a genre of the user’s choice, complete with examples which can be used for practice. Secondly, the beginner DJ receives additional presets that will help to extend horizons of music creation.

Anyone can find their place under the sun

DJ Mix Pads 2 is not only an application for music production, but also a full-fledged social platform for DJs.

When the recording process is finished, any user can publish their composition in the community of the DJ Mix Pads 2 application and get it into the local music charts. The more votes and plays the track amasses, the higher its position in the rankings becomes. Any beginner DJ has the chance to rank first in one of the charts and find their place in the music community.

DJ Mix Pads 2 — a music application for everyone

Multifaceted and easy in use at the same time, DJ Mix Pads 2 — Remix Version truly is a gem of sound engineering. Any person, be it a beginner musician or a professional artist, will find a great toolkit for music creation in this app. The former will be pleased to discover they can create compositions like a pro despite the lack of background knowledge. The latter will appreciate the rich functionality and the opportunity to make a name for themselves. And this means that DJ Mix Pads 2 is a must-have application for all music lovers.

This application is available for download on App Store (don’t miss our exclusive Black Friday offer):