It never ceases to astound me as to how most women claim to be SO prepared for marriage, yet lack one of the most vital constituents of it. That being SUBMISSION. In most cases, it is the African American women who has this mindset.

That isn’t to say that others don’t, but MOSTLY black women. Psychologically speaking, the ones who are may have been taught to be independent- which is fine; however, when does the time come from them to be submissive to their husband? After all, the man is the head of the house whether he makes more or less monataty than the wife. What makes it even worse is that the ones who are independent have the impression that they may give the man an ultimatum and if he doesn’t do what is requested, she finds a way that can essentially be detrimental to the relationship.

Some don’t care about their spouses emotions despite their claim. I may never know why that happens. Hence, I may always be single. Who knows?

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