When it comes down to the last straw. When the desire you had is now gone. The moment you begin to become distant after continual discussions. What is there to do? Subconsciously,after telling yourself that you are tired of the mundane, your behavior unconsciously begins to depict that frame of mind.

There will always be someone on the out looking in and desiring the person or thing that you have. Are you then to abdicate it after many attempts or do you continue to seek the good? What if the good never prevails? Can you endure or do you give up after being taught to “never give up”? There comes a time in life when holding on to Some thing can be more detrimental to your well-being than it is to let go.

Many instances, I have watched people endure things when they really did need to let alone HAVE to. Most keep the hope of getting something when in actuality, that something may never come. A wise man once told me, generally speaking, “ Stop beating a dead horse.” For those who are unfamiliar with that metaphor, it simply means if it’s over, let it be (modify the word usage however it fits you).

What is there to do when you have a very strong alarcrity for someone or something, yet you constantly have mixed emotions about what you are to do. There would be pro’s and con’s for any decision. Shall I proceed?

Pro’s of staying: Laughs, joy, happiness, smiles, the knowing of each other.

Con’s: Meeting & learning someone new, decent meeting the family, determing how you can insert them into your lifestyle.

Clearly, there are so many things and the list can go on. This isn’t something most care to go through. Consequently, we tend to resort to an outlet of drinking, smoking, and some even sexual activities. Whether they be oral (given) or penetration merely for 're other person’s satisfaction. When things go wrong for people in their brain, it causes dissonance.

So I ask, do you REALLY-TRULY have the fight in you to continue with something that was to only be for a moment, but you began to love certain attributes about them? (Copy & paste)

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