Between The Buried And Me — ‘Coma Ecliptic Live’ (Album Review)

Between The Buried And Me are one of the best progressive bands in the world today. That is a fact challenged by few. Since 2007’s Colors, BTBAM’s impact has only increased with each new release.

Dropping two years ago, Coma Ecliptic saw Between The Buried And Me unleash an immensely ambitious body of work. A conceptual prog opera drawing heavily on Dream Theater’s undeniable influence, Coma Ecliptic narrowly missed the Billboard Top 10 while dividing BTBAM fans due to its ultra-clinical, surgically clean production job.

For me, 2008’s Colors Live was a perfect live-in-concert album — one that managed the rare feat of proving more personally palatable than the studio release that was being recreated in its entirety. Coma Ecliptic Live hits the same mark with ease. Visually, it’s a no-frills performance film perfectly edited to highlight BTBAM’s tastefully artful light show and every key element of an insanely complex album — but as a listening experience, it’s as rich and vibrant as any BTBAM fan could possibly hope it to be.

Like a great movie, Coma Ecliptic Live will suck you in, immerse you for its full near-70-minute duration, and leave you breathless as that final gong hit hits and the credits roll. Each of the original album’s highlights are given new life; for a full list, see my previous review of the original Coma Ecliptic here. Coma Ecliptic Live is everything you could ask for from Between The Buried And Me; if you’ve already seen Colors Live, Live At The Fidelitorium, and / or experienced BTBAM live with your own eyes and ears, you already know that these guys represent the rawest, most scintillating section of modern music’s cutting edge.

Coma Ecliptic Live is a solid punctuation point in Between The Buried And Me’s career, somewhere between a comma, a full stop, and an exclamation mark. Beyond April 28, the question is: What comes next?

After Coma Ecliptic Live, I can’t wait to find out.

95% (Essential Listening!)

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Originally published at Leon TK.