Princess Slayer — ‘Every Deja Vu’ [Review]

Back in TMMP’s distant past, I never made a secret of my love for Princess Slayer’s music. From the night they first emerged onto the UK’s music scene, vocalist Casey Lim and drummer/producer Vince Welch obviously had what it takes to take them as far as they desire to go. Princess Slayer’s Living EP was golden, and they’ve become Glastonbury regulars in recent times as well as navigating live lineup changes that can and do cripple so many up and coming acts.

Every Déjà Vu acts as a counterweight to Living’s optimistic hedonism, meditating on the repetitive mundanity of everyday existence as only Princess Slayer can. Deep, throbbing bass pulses languidly while Casey Lim delivers pitch-perfect hooks, her idiosyncratic style instantly recognisable. Despite the downbeat feel, Every Déjà Vu remains bouncy enough to fill dancefloors with grinding hips and ambiguous grins.

Princess Slayer belong on top-level radio playlists. They belong in clubs across the world, as do the Every Déjà Vu remixes offered up by Jesse Bullitt, White Panther, and Loome on this EP. Princess Slayer belong at big festivals — and their track record already backs that up.

More than anything, Princess Slayer belong in the ears of every EDM-obsessed, bass-fetishizing music fan in the world. If you count yourself as one of them, you need Every Déjà Vu in your life. There are only two days to go before this EP drops, so you might as well count them down…

TMMP RATING: 92% (Essential Listening!)

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Originally published at The Musical Melting Pot.