The Purpose of Musical Moods

The purpose of Musical Moods is to provide its listeners with a variety of music which can be used to suit the needs of the individual. Each album is recorded with a particular theme in mind and the tunes are easily recognizable, the vocals understandable and the sweet simplicity of pleasant music emerges.

I think we all feel the importance of music in our lives. From the time of conception, the fetus responds to the vibrations he hears of his mother’s heartbeat, breathing, movements, not only comforting, but life giving and as the fetus grows, he develops an intuition of the importance of the heartbeat to be somehow essential to his existence because its slowing down gives him a sensation of loss of oxygen, nutrition, temperature and so forth. So, as early as the time when life begins, we are lulled with soft, comforting sounds. And as our awareness grows through our childhood into adulthood, those sounds that once comforted us in our mother’s womb continue to do so in a more elaborate fashion.

Historically, music was noted to have healing powers even in biblical times. “So whensoever the evil spirit of the Lord was upon Saul, David took his harp and played with his hand and Saul was refreshed, and was better, for the evil spirit departed from him” [1 Samuel, 16:23] Ah, the power of music to be able to refresh and even to chase the evil spirit away! Music still has the power and ability to bring sunlight into even the most dreary day. The power to refresh and enliven remains, also, One’s mood can quickly be changed from melancholy to cheerful simply by listening to a lively tune or two. Harsh music and high percussion arrangements will surely have an adverse effect on on’s nerves. Consider this, it has been scientifically proven that the effect which music has on plants can bring about an amazing array of results. When high percussion rock songs are played to plants they invariable lean in the opposite direction, drastically. Conversely, when the soft violins of classical Bach are played to plants, they lean toward the music slowly. In each case, the plants reacted similarly to the way we react to the shrill sound of rock music which destroys our nerves, or the sweet sound of pleasing music which soothes our spirits.

Musical Moods creates music to live with, sound and tunes which compliment life rather than compound it.

Popular music has touched your life at one time or another. Songs of the popular kind are easily applied to day to day living. A certain song will bring about feelings and reminders of where we were and what we were doing when it was popular, not to mention reminders of what the rest of the world was doing. Songs of the past are easily associated with time and place, person and feeling. And the feelings that were felt then are brought back when we hear that old song again. Music in our daily lives plays an important part. The soft background music which can be applied to every situation from house cleaning to dinner music is sometimes vital: to create inspiration for even the most mundane task and to create an atmosphere for that quiet time of day that everyone needs to escape to.

Musical Moods gives the listener the chance to choose an atmosphere, to generate a feeling. The ambiance of a romantic evening, the motivation to accompany exercise, the peaceful softness of acquiring sleep. The themes are simple, unencumbered and appropriate in every aspect of daily living. Musical Moods will continue to expand with more music to live with, music to enhance and enrich the quality of life.