2008 | Music & Mind

My journey of mind through lyrics

themes: personal faith, materialism, doubt, justice


something gets lost in the
midst of transmission i can
see a brand new vision
but the truth has caused collision

what i want it seems so clear
everything else disappear
voices talking we can't hear
adding to this atmosphere

i look for meaning when i
found this out long ago
a claim to the contrary
reason, doubt and many follow

believing in what we see
where is it when we wake tomorrow
feeling alone and free
boosted by the love that’s borrowed

something seems to hide
when all that's left won't confide
just give it one more try
one more shot and one more lie

imagine what you want
what you need, where you'll be
in time these things will be
but a distant memory


15/11/08 5:01:13 pm

I found myself on the flipside, in reality
every breath i took, was one less i could see
everything around me was beginning to fall
and i asked my self, what do i make of this all

i cried the other night, scripting a scene
where you could realise, ignorance aint no dream
where were the answers, reasons don't come free
i couldn't find you then. nothing could be seen

what is faith when all is well?
what is grace when this worlds hell?

what's to fight for if we had it easy
we've got the words but we dont have the feeling



i've got my eyes set
on a new horizon
over the edge of 

everything confined to man
and deeds of those
who lost

battles of minds
and a new contagious

blatant images
shaping our ambitions
and we are the lost generation

i wake up to a new sensation
i'm a little less patient
for a world that’s edging on complacent
thoughts they dream of

a new disease for a medication
is all we know now
media giving in for a nation
and we are the lost generation

The Hardest Place To Part

May 2008

I stepped out of the ocean baby just to
see if i could still feel the ground and if i
knew anything about my surrounding
atmosphere that brought me here

And I don't really mind now baby, cause i know 
what i don't know can't scare me away
And you don't really shine now baby
but it aint all about that anyway

You can feel it forever
It's just locked up away in your heart
The hardest place to part with the
Cries of another reaching right through the
Burdens a brand new start

You stepped out of the world you live in
just to see if your world was still round 
and if you knew about the perplexing fear 
of all of the words you can't hear

And you can't seem to find the answers cause they
lie in the questions, you haven't asked
But if the questions are answers, then the truth is within
Your world is moving way to fast

I landed in you arms


i see your face through murky water
reflecting your image into my arms
i hold the moment but i try and disclose it
until i reach out and feel your charm

i think i know
exactly what i found
cause when i fell
i landed in you arms

i take a look into the reason
cause the reasons to me is why i'm here
i think of everything all around
in the midst of this beauty i found your charm



Couldn't of made it this far without you
Others seem to have but something seems so wrong
I'd never be free from chains that held me to the world
I'd never escape, then it would be to late

I see the reasons right before me
I see evil minds like a candle in the wind
Misconceptions made you who you are today
But somehow this perception never goes away

Silence is so deadly
Uncertainty won't get you anywhere
Poisoned minds are empty
For they can only cry out in despair

Couldn't imagine a meaningless existance
Couldn't live without the hope that drives me on
One day this world will fall down right upon its knees
The hope of many will then come


18/11/2008 - my trip to barwon prison - the song was written that week, about three murderers

moments and moments
formation of sand
what could take back
the deeds of these hands

standing as one
together we loved
a slip of the mind
now i hold you tight

judas i am
lost in these fields
where moments move fast
time can not heal

can i belong
actions speak clear
these don't add up
amounting to fear

a little to far
a little to much
intentions are nice
this anger is not

jealousy fuels
i'm trapped in a cage
locked in my mind
a prisoner of rage

who am i to question
where would i stand
when im so far away
would i trust my own hands?

i guess its just faith
and trust in His sword
forgiveness and freedom
can't be ignored

judas you were
found in these fields
the moments moved fast but
before him time kneals

it seems we belong
love conquers all
when this all adds up
he's forgiven the fall

Memories Calling


Memories calling
vulnerable victims like you
Expectations meaning
all that you lost was the proof

reasons left me running
from everything and everywhere i could
escape from nowhere
freedom is a cage with no truth

Are we made of
more then past memories
looking for a place to hide

My Everything


You, you could be my everything
you could make me wanna sing
you're the only one
For me

I, i can not help wandering
I can not stop pondering 
about the bridge between

For so long, we've been waiting
after too long, we'll grow old

We can't just stand here forever
Today will come today will go
We do not have this day forever

Silent Surrender


silently surrender
overcome by anything
whats the use in another pretender
they're not even trying

i'm just trying to make things better
but your not doing anything
if i'm wasting time here
if you want it this way
silent surrender

so close but nothing changes
same thoughts just rearange them
but reality lost its meaning
yeah reality lost its meaning

Take This Moment From Me

20/12/2008 (or earlier)

i wonder if things are forgotten
put back together or even forgiven
for i see my self staring back at me
distorted and skewed the image appears

choice rings clear
the moment is hiding
i look back in fear
obnoxious confiding
i can't add up i cant concede
now i cant take away and become free

take this moment from me

easy enough to say what you mean
to mean what you say and still be unseen
truth lies in the untold stories

This is a call


One step, One word, One move too far
Thoughts will turn to truth
Like a shooting star

One battle, one loss thats all it takes
until the chaos in you choses to awake

This is a call to end
Everything you've started
This is a call to mend
all the broken hearts

You plug in your reality
who you are will die (the world will hunt you down)
if the rest of you can't breath (till the rest of you can't breath)

You smash their love in disbelief
you have too choices now
a sinner or a thief

The world was just outside your head
The world to you was none but dead
The world was right inside your head
Disbelief led to everything they said

This is a call to end
Everything you've started
This is a call to mend
all the broken hearts

Don't fade away from who you are
This aint death but you sure aint far
Take a step back now
This is in your hands

Under Control

xx/08/07(?) Could be wrong
26/10/08 (Modified)

words like thieves crept up and stole
who you are and should have been
came falling free from a place within
where nothing hides and no-one choses 
to confide in what is right 
when all that shines has come from
darkest places worlds within and 
we are just the following

You're under control

All these walls they seem so thin thoughts 
made of dust mind wondering 
What on earth is victory when
words we choose are tearing down my
brothers and my sisters dreams
we have won if we could be
one step closer to becoming free
from lives of instant slavery

You’re under control