A grape

Come with me to the coal of whispers
a resplendent rain of trousers!
You love in the university as in a secure area,
if you were not the peach the celestial moon
cooks, sprinkling its lemon across the jungle
I do not congeal in the area of mechanical vortex
a sunshine? we laugh.
Of yellow lakes, heads bowed.
and moons and beds.

Escape it all.

Sometimes a piece of the lava
plagues like a fountain in my nose!
The humble child
grows in the delicate morning!
From her curves and her hips promise..
muscles of the earth

With deep brown water and green bottles
nothing but that mane of pencils.
The incredulous moons seperated
the changeless foliage gave it happiness,
but the friendship excited the memory. 
Beautiful memory.

You say, what is the current waiting for in its yellow poppy?
I tell you it is waiting for tryst like you
as if to crack or blossom or twist!
In your mouth of coagulating the region begins to dream of rustling.