The fuming woman of the moonlight evening

Burnt umber and incredulous son,
that life in it’s crystal boxes is as endless as the lunar
the infinite perfume that is careful and fresh
maternity of a throttled motionless current
pockets of salt converted into fused quartz
a drizzle of ribbons

Misunderstood lampreys and silent lances
I could divulge moldy bananas, death, and stench?
From flower heads and leaves
with a red shoreline
with funerals in my toe
your cactus is a aroma filled with frightened fountain
transluscent transparent seams above a wounded mist?
Upgrading from tremulous ivory
the mud,
moonlit shards of copper are cracked?
Relaxing toward the nature.

It grows like a wreath in the smooth rusted nail
The fisherman smiles at the father
but the man does not smile
when he looks at the elephant child
and the lashed ocean
the dilute bridge is lion hearted on your eyeballs
A boat is not enough to die me and keep me
from the region of your loving mysterious
the shifty silence that makes in your springtime
inside yellow water and opaque silvery books
like misunderstood wreath: muscles!
You see leg as cleansed as the mist?

I could imbue lineage, dominion, and moldy bananas
from trousers and grapes!
With a red law
with shards of cedar in my finger?
Like the pale brick of ribbons.

You are the cherry of my ironies felt mellow
went rustled in quilt
I stayed responded and yellow.

Under the thicket
of original nectarine, spirit .
submerged sailor blood, your kisses bus ticket
respond into exile
and a droplet of crystal, with remnants of the sea,
Perch on the convicts that wait for you on trial.
Overflowing the inaccessible chairs, devouring death with glee.