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Music for Work x Sarah—Head of Marketing@ Jodel

Hey Sarah, how is it going at Jodel?

“Everything is going great, we’re still pushing to connect local communities with our app. Great things are coming! There’s so much going on at the office that listening to music is a must if you don’t want to be distracted. “

So what’s your song of the moment?

“I listen to everything but I guess more Pop/Rap and Hip-Hop! Right now I’m all about “See you again” by Chris Brown. I’m a huge Fast & Furious fan, and they featured this one in the latest movie.”

Are there any song that you are a bit ashamed off.. like did you know that your colleague Tim likes Taylor Swift?

“I can’t really remember one particular song, but sometimes I listen to quiet and heart-breaking emotional songs, that I feel like I wouldn't listen to if other people were around. “Landslide” by Oh Wonder is one of my favorites. It’s also good music to fall asleep to.”

Emotional music… like Adele?

“No, I’m not ashamed of Adele! Everybody loves Adele. Maybe I should mention Cro. I saw him live and I was only surrounded by 9-years-old… But I don’t care, I love the way he rhymes!”

How about when you work? What do you listen to?

“Sometimes, like in the morning, I just need calm songs. So I need deep-house like KlangKuenstler or even good old classic music like Bach!

When something makes me angry, or I need to really calm down, I always go for Limp Bizkit! I listen to them since I’m 13 and I have been to 2 concerts of them. But I still love it! I’m a big fan of the songs from the Chocolate Starfish album”

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