Adele’s fallback on Grammy’s: we are all human?

This questionable Adele’s performance drew me to her side

You probably followed the news on Grammy’s and a presumable weak performance from Adele. On the video you could see the singer making big eyes in the start of the song when the backing track collapsed. After this shortcoming it was evident to see the modern star was not in her best spirits to uplift the new title in the Grammy’s 2016 show. It was a bit surprising to see the one for who’s music we turn for reassurance in bad times of our life rather downish herself. Still this made her performance even more appealing for me.

We are always told that everyone is a human being. But in the heart of hearts we are not prepared to believe a world-known singer can go down so seemingly at the year’s best music ceremony. Just think: if you feel out of place after say a bad presentation at a business conference what can a music super weight like Adele sense with so many hopes and other’s expectations from others after this failure?

This brings me back to a very good story I read and commented on yesterday on how ignoring other people expectations can make you grow Read it and you can understand that neglecting fear of rejection is key to super performers like Adele and helps to sustain any career.

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